Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding pictures and New York

Aaron and I finally got our wedding pictures back last week.  I have yet to post them on here because we ended up going to New York to a cousin's wedding.  We've been pretty busy the last couple of weeks.  Aaron started up preseason and it's the first year he hasn't had to do all the running and stuff.  He's having fun with that and is really excited about how the team is coming together.  I'm excited about seeing some games! They have 12 home games which is AWESOME!  But anyways let me put some pictures up here cuz I know that's what you're waiting for!!

This past weekend Aaron and I went to New York where he was born.  He showed me around some places and one place was Harris Hills.  It was so cool!!  Here are some pictures from that.

It was such a great view and it was soooo cool up there.  It felt so good!  We went to the wedding on Saturday and to check out pictures from this please go to my photography blog to check them out.  I will also have pictures from a photo session that I had this afternoon with 4 girls.

Til next time!

Monday, July 12, 2010

long write...

Hello again!! it's been over a month since I've written....probably longer....

But since I've last written Aaron and I have graduated from college!!  Now it's time for the real world....we both have jobs which is great and I just got a second part time job at Staples for some extra money this summer.  God is really providing for us right now.

The other news is we've also gotten married but I'm sure you all knew that!  As of today we've been married for a MONTH!! crazy!!  The wedding was so great! It all went by so fast though and it was hard to soak it all in.  Everything builds up towards that one moment and then it's all gone.  We had a great time hanging out with friends and family that weekend and seeing people we hadn't seen in a while!  it was so much fun!

I wasn't stressed out at all and I know Aaron wasn't either.  I didn't get nervous until about 30 minutes before I had to walk down the aisle and my heart started beating faster and I started shaking.  I believe it's because at that point I was getting into my dress and was completely ready to go.  I had to sneak around the Manor house to get to where I needed to be in order to get to the courtyard but without Aaron seeing me so it was a lot of ducking and running through the house!  That was funny.  My maid of honor Lyndsey helped get me to where I needed to be and gave me a big hug before she left to go walk down the aisle.  So i was standing in the kitchen by myself for a few minutes waiting for my dad to come and get me and let me tell you....i was about to lose it...I was excited, nervous, anxious, and more all at the same time.  My dad got ahold of me and said he had never seen me shaking so much!  I got to a point behind the crowd where most of the people couldn't see me but I could see them and I was just shaking so bad so I was just trying to get nervous energy out of me....wish I had a video of what i was doing!!  My dad was just laughing at me!

Finally I walked down the aisle and married Aaron!! Such a sweet moment! Then we got to enjoy the party!!  I enjoyed the day so much but wish it could have lasted a little longer...we are still waiting for the professional pictures so when we get those I'll post some on here.

We went to the Bahamas for our honeymoon which was stinking awesome!!  We went snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, took a tour of downtown, and hung out at the resort.  It was all inclusive which was awesome because all of our meals were included so we didn't have to spend a buttload of money on food and we could do whatever activities we wanted to in the Bahamas!  It was also during the World Cup so of course there were lots of soccer games to be watched but it was good because the games were typically in the morning and our activities in the afternoon so we watched most of them.  Here are some pictures from the honeymoon!!

Once we got back from the honeymoon we had to dive into the real world....ehhh!  But like I said we both had jobs so we started the Monday we got back and have been going ever since.  Aaron's working in the cafe at Montreat and I'm working at a 4-H camp down the street.  I also just got a part-time job at Staples for some extra money.  Like I said God is being good to use right now.

Aaron also has an opportunity for a sweet job that we're waiting to hear about.  I don't want to give too many details right now about it because we're not sure how that's going to pan out quite yet.  If he ends up getting it I'll share more later!!  But for now keep praying for us!!

4th of July weekend was last weekend and my parents came up to be with us and visit for the weekend!! That was so great because the wedding weekend was hectic so this gave us all time to just hang out and catch up a little!!  We went to the fireworks in Black Mountain and met up with some friends to enjoy the show with!  I love Black Mountain!! Such a cute little town where you can always find someone you  know!! Here are some pictures from that!!

Until next time!! hopefully it won't be as long before I write again!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

ok so....

I'm apparently really bad at keeping up with this...but i have a good excuse!! It's called last semester of college....I've had so much work to do this semester and I'm one day away from being done with college forever! Unless I go to graduate school....we'll see about that! But anyways I'm trying to see what needs to be updated and I guess I can just say that we are now 25 days away from being married which is crazy! Aaron has a job for when we get back from our honeymoon but I however haven't had much luck with jobs. I'm not gonna get into that because then I'll become upset again and there's no need for that. I've been applying and trying to get applications out there so please keep praying that I'll find a job!!

OH well I guess I can talk about some things that have happened since last time such as my silent retreat and my bachelorette-ish party! I had a silent retreat to go on for class and it's self-explanatory. I basically went somewhere for the weekend and couldn't talk. It sucked cuz it was a goregous place with great people and no conversation allowed. However, I did get to rest some and spend time in my Bible which was refreshing. Here are some pic
tures from the retreat...

This is the house that the girls stayed was gorgeous!

Here are some of the awesome people I got to hang out with for the weekend....

It was an ok weekend...i mean I didn't look forward to it and I didn't look forward to coming back from the weekend to the pile of work I had to get done....I have gotten it done somehow...

I also had my bachelorette-ish party the weekend after the retreat! That was so much fun! The reason I keep saying bachelorette-ish party is becasue it wasn't your typical party where there is drinking, partying, strippers, etc. This was a party just for me and totally my style!! My maid of honor set up with a couple of the other bridesmaids a weekend away in Boone at a cabin. It was a pretty little cabin and so homey! I wish we could have stayed longer. We played games all night and just hung out. My new favorite game is Quelf! It's a game where you have to be willing to make a fool of yourself and it's so much fun. It was fun being there with my best friend, future sister and cousin in law!! I love them all sooo much!! I can't wait to be together with them again at the wedding with everyone else cuz that's gonna be a PAR-TAY!

I first have to get done with this final project and then I'm done and I can graduate on Saturday!! I get to see a lot of my family this weekend and I'm looking forward to it! I don't get to see them as much as I used to since I'm up here in the mountains but it'll be fun because both sides of the family will be here and they'll get to meet some of Aaron's family before the wedding!

Until next time!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

it's been a while...

Since I get ready for a full blog post!!

Since my first shower (by the way pictures are on my facebook) I've been mighty busy between school and wedding stuff...over Easter break I got to go shopping with my mom and have a girls day out to just do what we wanted to do. We decided to go and look for some sundresses for me so I could have some things to wear to the showers I have coming up as well as the many weddings I've been invited to this year. That was lots of fun however, it was a loooong day! We went to so many different places to look for dresses and finally at the very last place we went to I found 2 that I liked!! Also because of the ridiculous sales going on that weekend for Easter I was able to get two dresses for the price of one!! Go me!!

We also went a store for bathing suits to get me for the honeymoon so that was an interesting experience...but we got me a bathing suit!!

Aaron and I have also figured out where we're going for our honeymoon because we can get a good deal there! It was going to be Hawaii but that fell through so now we're going to....the BAHAMAS!!!Breezes Bahamas photo slideshow - pictures of Breezes Bahamas

I'm so excited!! A week of sunshine and fun!!! Things finally came together for the honeymoon and now we don't have to be so stressed out about it because it's all booked and everything!!

I also had my bridal portraits done this past weekend which was sooo much fun!! I had a blast getting them done! I wish I could post some pictures on here but I can't cuz Aaron would see them and that'd be no good!! So after the wedding I'll post them either on here or facebook! So you'll just have to wait two months!!! Not a big deal at all!!

I have a busy couple of months ahead of me with finishing up school, showers, graduating, getting married....

Oh and invitations are going out next week!!! yay!! I'm so excited!

Keep checking back for more updates in the future...I'll try to do it more regularly...PROMISE!!! Soon there will be pictures posted of various get ready!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring means....

Spring Break....showers (the bridal kind not raining cats and dogs kind)....last semester at Montreat....and much much more!!

Well I know it's been a while but I am officially moved off campus and into the apartment!! I haven't been there much cuz I moved in right before Spring Break and then went home for most of it. However, within a week or so it's become really homey and I'm so excited!! I can't wait to start taking pics and posting it on here!!

At the beginning of spring break I had a wedding to go to at Montreat and that was fun!! It was a dear friend of mine who was like my big brother when he was here! It was great getting to see old friends and catching up!

Then when I got home I had my final dress fitting!! WAHOO!! I'm so excited about my dress! I can't wait to put it back on for my bridal portraits in April! Unfortunately I won't be able to post any on here until after the wedding because Aaron can't see me in my dress before June 12th!!! But I'll be sure to post some afterwards!!

Since it was spring break Aaron and I had our first shower! That was exciting!! It was mainly for him because it was all of his friends from back home but I was invited too which was great! We played some games...hung out...and of course opened presents! We got some great things for our place and some things that we needed right away so it helped to have the shower today! I need to upload the pictures so I can post some from today! It was so much fun!!

Now that spring break is over it's time for the rest of the semester and to finish up strong and graduate! Then get hitched of course!!

Look for another post with pictures from today soon!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A place to live!!!

So...Aaron and I have found a place to live after we get married. It's a 2 bedroom 1 bath duplex in Black Mountain! We are so excited! We signed the lease yesterday and I will be moving in next week. When we start decorating the place I'll start putting pictures up on here however, it might be a while because I don't think we are going to have much in there to start with. But having a place to live is HUGE!

And on another is 100 days until the wedding! We still have a lot to do and we are going to my house this weekend and doing a lot of wedding stuff to help out. I'm excited! We are starting to get into the time of having showers as well! At the end of Spring Break Aaron has a tool party and then a couple of his friends are throwing us a shower the next day! This means presents and fun!!! And of course thank you notes....not quite so excited about those...haha!

Everything seems to be coming together now! It's exciting!! But keep praying for us to get a job after the summer and continue to make money to pay rent and be able to live off of ourselves.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can you say....

108 days til the wedding! WHAT?!?!? Where has the time gone? I feel like it was just a month ago we got engaged and here we are at almost 3 1/2 months til the wedding...We have gotten so much done though and it's amazing! We still have some things to do such as buy the wedding bands, finish up the music selections, and some little things here and there. It's crazy though how quickly time has gone.

The last few days have been spent trying to figure out where we wanted to be after the wedding. At first we thought we'd be in Bristol, TN/VA because we both had opportunities there....but then I got called a couple of days before my interview at a camp and was told not to come because they had hired someone....and Aaro
n was going to coach at a local college but then they decided to hire a head coach instead of an assistant coach. So that was soon out of the picture. Then Aaron heard of a graduate assistant coaching job in Kentucky where he would be able to get his masters for free as well as a couple of years of experience coaching. Most places prefer you to have a masters to coach. But then we never heard back from that coach and by that time we had decided we wanted to stay around Montreat longer. So now it looks like we'll be here for at least the summer and hopefully longer! We are very excited about this because it means we will be around people that we know and we have a support system here. We are also going to be closer to our parents living here. Now the only thing is finding a place to live!

Things are moving along now and it's exciting!! Whoo hoo!!