Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding pictures and New York

Aaron and I finally got our wedding pictures back last week.  I have yet to post them on here because we ended up going to New York to a cousin's wedding.  We've been pretty busy the last couple of weeks.  Aaron started up preseason and it's the first year he hasn't had to do all the running and stuff.  He's having fun with that and is really excited about how the team is coming together.  I'm excited about seeing some games! They have 12 home games which is AWESOME!  But anyways let me put some pictures up here cuz I know that's what you're waiting for!!

This past weekend Aaron and I went to New York where he was born.  He showed me around some places and one place was Harris Hills.  It was so cool!!  Here are some pictures from that.

It was such a great view and it was soooo cool up there.  It felt so good!  We went to the wedding on Saturday and to check out pictures from this please go to my photography blog to check them out.  I will also have pictures from a photo session that I had this afternoon with 4 girls.

Til next time!

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